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A Bit of Background

A corporate business unit had a problem keeping track of standard work. Departments across five global regions were sharing files in unconnected SharePoint sites, and organizing libraries with uniquely named subfolders. Content might be similar between regions, but is “Customer Management” the same as “Service Management?” What about “Customer Service?” The only way to know how other departments and regions structured themselves is to hunt down the individual site owners, usually over email.

And, to make matters worse, links to these sites could mostly be found arbitrarily, by asking someone who had bookmarked it.  Searching across the enterprise farm was laborious and was usually good at creating frustration, not finding easy information.

I teamed up with the corporate communications partner to create a SharePoint portal that would provide standard work across departments, and serve as a central place with a global taxonomy.  The landing page used OOB (out-of-box) search web parts and refiners; no need for complicated or customized build.

landing page for customized SharePoint library

Searchable Homepage

The form for uploading and tagging new files was simple, and could be accessed directly from one of the subcategory pages.

landing page for customized SharePoint library

Clean Upload Form

Individual pages feature standard work documents grouped by subcategories within each COE. Each standard work document is displayed, along with its region and BOS Nomenclature, the short acronym that identifies the document type (Form, Example, Template, Process, etc).

landing page for customized SharePoint library

Browse files in a Category

The finished project became a centralized place for colleagues to quickly access Standard Work. Because of the formalized taxonomy, they could also acclimate themselves with standardized terminology among departments.